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Update one PC and go!

Foundational PC diskless boot solution to save you time, money & effort for all.


Run Your PC Floor Efficiently

Esports games, applications and drivers are constantly updating. ggRock allows you to update one image and boot that image on all PCs from a server with no local hard drives needed!

Save Time, Money & Manpower

Boot all PCs by updating one image on one server with no local hard drives needed!

Up to 50% Less Server Cost

Spend less on server hardware and
service more PCs.

Faster Loading Times

Beats competitor baselines. Provide a premium experience for users. Requires only one image.

One Click Management

Update once, use everywhere.

ggRock allows you to ever update your software once, applying the changes across your entire store. This can be done from the web page, accessible everywhere – be that on your PC, tablet or phone.
Powerful and Efficient

Run more than 200 Machines with one server.

ggRock uses state of the art technology to deliver fastest speed for connected Machines, as well support over 200 Machines with one server and cheaper hardware costs.
ggRock aid

ggRock is in early access &
FREE until 1st of September 2021*

*with paid subscription to ggLeap​

"We switched from internal drives to ggRock during quarantine and have been running without any significant issues for the last month since reopening...ggRock solved the 2 major issues that have been causing problems at our center for the ~15 months we've been open...Support is great, questions are always answered quickly."
- Jesterline Gaming

Silver Pioneer

Single Location
Fullaccess until 1.0 Release
20% off subscription for life

Gold Pioneer

Single Location
Full access until 1.0 Release
35% off subscription for life


Single Location
Full access until 1.0 Release
50% off subscription for life

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